The new FF is a sexier, faster, replacement for the 612 Scaglietti Gran Turismo and combines style with massive on-road presence. The FF boasts colossal performance with 0-62mph in 3.7 neckwrenching seconds and 0-to-124mph in 11 seconds using the computer-operated launch control. With a top speed of 208mph, it’s totally relaxed cruising at motorway speeds, as the fabulous sound from the V12 engine is directed into the cabin. Despite an enormous 651bhp  from its 6.2 litre engine, it’s easy to drive. Its seven-speed F1 dual clutch gearbox can even be left in automatic if you feel lazy.

One of our clients was a little bored after owning the FF for a couple months and wanted to enhance the performance and exhaust note, He contacted us @ P1 and we decided to take the FF beyond its limits by adding a full Novitec Rosso SS exhaust system with flap regulation & 100 Cell HFC which reduced back pressure & Stage 1 which consists of a new adjusted engine electronic with modified group of curves and a higher cut-off speed to 8.200 rpm. Boosting performance to 702bhp. We moved on to the handling department by adding NOVITEC ROSSO Sport Springs and Aluminum spacers, giving the cars and aggressive drop and amazing stance.

After the car was finished, Anthony Federico spent 50 hours starting by washing and wet sanding the car, prepping the body for a special BC-05 coating from MODESTA to compliment this amazing machine.

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