AP Racing – Big Brake Kit – Front


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AP Racing Calipers
Brake calipers produced by AP Racing use the latest in materials, post-treatments, coatings and manufacturing methods. Available in 2, 4 and 6-piston variants, all come with dust seals and anti-rattle clips for real-world drivability in any climate and without pad knock. For better pedal feel, AP chooses a 2-piece aluminum design using high-strength steel bolts, which naturally has greater stiffness than typical road-going all-aluminum monoblock calipers. Finished off by hard anodizing and an extremely durable paint system, these calipers look great while doing the dirty work.

– High-strength, lightweight, pressure-cast aluminum alloy body
– 2-piece design for maximum rigidity in a streetable caliper
– 6 sequential pistons to minimize pad taper and maximize pad area (6-piston models)
– Fixed radial mount for best pedal feel
– Anti-knock back features for a consistent, firm pedal
– Dust seals for everyday driving
– Extremely durable hard anodizing and paint finishing
– Compatible with OE ABS, Traction Control and Stability systems and factory master cylinder

AP Racing Discs
AP Racing brake discs are made from the highest quality cast iron. Curved vane technology is used to shed internal heat, and the optimized cross-drilled slotted face pattern is developed to increase pad bite and improve cooling. Each hole is radiused, not chamfered, to reduce noise and increase fatigue strength. Slotted-only rotor faces are available for heavy track use vehicles.

– Directional curved vanes for maximum cooling
– 2-piece modular design with aluminum hat reduced weight and better thermal conductivity
– Cross-drilled and slotted for aggressive pad bite and additional cooling
– All drilled holes are radiused, not chamfered
– Slotted-only optional for heavy track use

AP Racing Brake Pads
AP Racing have tested brake pad compounds from the best friction manufacturers in the world to provide the latest in stopping power, maximum operating temperature, lower disc wear and less dust and noise. They’re newest compounds are the best they have ever tested in all categories: performance, rotor life, wear, noise and dust.

– Virtually fade-free Mintex Xtreme Motorsport Pad Compound
– Featuring the ultimate in high-performance street and track day use
– Consistent coefficient of friction cold to over 1300°F
– Linear response and quick release
– Lowest noise, low dust and low rotor wear

DOT-compliant and TUV-approved stainless steel lines are included to top off the upgrade and provide a huge improvement in pedal feel and stiffness. Brackets and hardware are made from aerospace-grade materials and high-strength fasteners. All AP Racing kits are complete with no other parts required. Install, bleed and go!

Big Brake Kit Includes:
– Front AP Racing Brake Calipers (Red or Black) with Brake Pads
– Front AP Racing Brake Discs (Drilled/Slotted or Slotted)
– Stainless Steel Brake Lines
– Mounting Brackets & Hardware

Models Supported:
2011 BMW E82 1M
2008-2013 BMW E9X M3