EVOMS EVT590 Upgrade Package 997.2 Turbo


After extensive dyno testing, our data showed nearly 8 PSI of backpressure in the OEM exhaust system. This tremendous backpressure causes severely high EGT’s which is a huge performance bottleneck. The EVT590 incorporates a properly balanced low back pressure sport exhaust w/ OBDII compliant metal core catalysts. The reduction of backpressure substantially improves power and throttle response while reducing EGT’s by nearly 45 degrees Celsius.

About the Evolution MotorSports 997.2TT EVT590 ClubSport:
• EVOMSit EVT590 ClubSport PUMP ECU Calibration – 7000 RPM Rev Limit
• EVOMS Billet Turbocharger Boost Diverter Valves
• EVOMS 70mm Sport Exhaust
• HJS 200 cpsi SM-Winding Motorsport Stainless Steel Catalysts
• Gaskets, Hardware & Installation Components


• Massive Increase in horsepower and torque
• Optimized engine performance with OEM turbochargers / Intercoolers / Headers
• Reduced engine exhaust temperatures
• Improved turbocharger spool time
• Perfect fit – all components are direct replacement for the OEM components
• All components developed, designed and manufactured in the USA
• All components carry a lifetime warranty – Original purchaser

• Pricing subject to change without notice.
• This product may not comply with your local emissions standards. EVOMS is not responsible for emissions compliance, please purchase with care.