Tommy Passalacqua is a lifelong, award-winning builder, racer and highly accredited master technician, recognized by his experience with Ferrari, Maserati and Mclaren. His passion started early in building and auto-crossing with his father, also a very accomplished technician. At the very young age of 19, Tommy was sought after by Ferrari, and the adventure began.
Tommy started as an apprentice and quickly worked through the ranks to race team manager for Ferrari and shop foreman for both brands, all while achieving the highest in academic accolades, recognized by the factories. Outside of the 9-5, Tommy’s passion flourished in custom and performance builds, from his own cars that graced magazine covers to clients that sought the best of the best. Well versed in carburetion through fuel injection, Tommy is a rare breed and a highly regarded asset to the automotive industry.
His experience and knowledge is sought by many, and currently consults several after market performance and tuning companies, not to mention still relied on by manufacturers, as an alternate resource.
Tommy’s goal is to provide the greatest quality of service for collector’s, individuals and dealers. With a proven track record, Tommy is your best source for automotive needs and desires.



Dan has more than 25 years of technician experience with the likes of Mercedes Benz, Ferrari and BMW. His abilities show in troubleshooting to an existing knowledge of common occurrences in automobile repair. His ability to diagnose and resolve issues in a timely manner is without compromise. Conveying a professionalism and ability to converse with the client is what keep people coming back, a satisfaction of quality in workmanship.



Anthony has 20+ years of experience in paint correction, detailing and coatings. His abilities have shown through the likes of exotic car dealerships in respect to new and used vehicles being made ready for sale. In recent years, his expertise has been highly sought after for private collections and concours quality vehicles. From a simple wash to the complexities of paint correction and coatings, Anthony is an asset to the collector car community, his work has graced vehicles shown at Pebble Beach, Amelia Island and other high end venues.