Performance Upgrades



From miles to wild, P1 Motors offers outstanding engine performance upgrades. Our in house Dyno service provides vital statistics, before and after, to verify horsepower and torque pickup. If you are considering engine rebuild or upgrade please consider us to offer you a competitive quote and show you through our engine building process and let us put you at the head of the pack at P1 Motorcars.



P1 Motorcars offers a large selection of tire and wheel packages as well as letting you build your own combination. If you choose our packages, you will receive your package deal already mounted and balanced and it will come with the proper lug nuts and center caps determined by the vehicle information that you provide us during the beginning stages. If you are in the market for a new set of performance tires, custom wheels or rims, P1 Motorcars is your one stop store. We make every effort to make your rim buying experience an easy one.



P1 Motorcars offers a large selection of buying and selling fine rare and collectible automobiles for years. We’ve branched out from just maintaining high performance cars, but the overall conception and precision of finding the exact vehicle you need is still in demand. P1 only exchanges the highest quality of cars and it shows.



Turbo and Supercharger upgrades and bolt on kits available. We carry, but not limited to Novitec, Kenne Bell, ESS, and Procharger. Call or stop by to discuss options and installation.



Our performance fuel injectors and fuel pumps deliver more gasoline or diesel to create a fuel mixture with serious punch at P1 Motorcars. Upgrading your fuel injector is one of the easiest ways to maximize your fuel delivery and atomization. All of our fuel injectors are custom made for your specific vehicle, so they deliver an OE-style fit.



A vehicle’s suspension is comprised of many parts engineered to work together – including springs, dampers and anti-roll bars. Along with the visual improvement a reduction in ride height offers comes an enhancement in vehicle performance. Performance lowering springs reduce the vehicle’s center of gravity, aiding stability. The increased spring rates help control side-to-side body roll during cornering, as well as the pitch and nosedive experienced during spirited acceleration and braking.