Tubi Style – Porsche 997.1 Turbo Headers


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One look at the Tubi Style headers for the 997.1 Turbo will give you a pretty good idea why they work better then the factory units. Well-designed headers are an integral part of any high horsepower package, but still yield some very pleasing results on their own. The headers job is to collect exhaust gasses from each of the individual cylinders and direct them towards the turbocharger, which relies on a smooth flow of air to spin its turbine wheel. Since exhaust flow is released from each cylinder as pulses rather then a constant stream of air, a properly designed header will do a much better job of collecting these pulses and creating a steady flow into the turbocharger. Using beautifully polished 1.5-inch stainless steel and a Formula 1 inspired merge collector, the Tubi Style header provides reliable and consistent performance up to the 600 crank horsepower level.