Lamborghini Gallardo CS-600 Front Splitter & Air Dam


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RSC CS 600 Front Air Dam fits All Gallardo 04-08

Available in Visual Carbon Fiber or Fiberglass.

Handmade in the U.S.A.

Part of RSC’s Proprietary CS 600 Carbon Fiber Aero package, the Carbon Fiber Front Air Dam (A.K.A Front Splitter) apply both form and function to your Lamborghini Gallardo.

Working to accentuate the car’s existing styling cues, it gives the front of the car a wider profile and draws it closer to the ground to create that perfect look we all crave. With this splitter the Lamborghini Gallardo looks significantly more aggressive in the rearview mirror, but it doesn’t just look the business, it’s there for a reason. Airflow is ‘split’ cleanly into two streams passing above and below the car. Above the splitter, airflow gets compressed, producing an an area of high pressure air reducing the feeling of front end lift at high speeds and stabalizing the front of the vehicle. Below the splitter air accelerates to produce an area of low pressure. This pressure difference creates even more downforce at the front of the car. The Splitter Fits neatly to existing mounting points and and is available in Carbon Fiber or Paint to Match Fiberglass.

RSC Tuning’s CS600 Front Air Dam is hand made in the United States of America and available only from RSC Tuning or one of our affiliated dealers.