RSC Veloce Super Sport for F458 Italia


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With production now in full swing, the much anticipated 458 Italia has lived up to the hype. Unfortunately, the OEM exhaust system is bulky, heavily baffled and too quiet for most owners.

Veloce Sport Exhaust has designed the ultimate system for the 458 platform, offering both form and function. A valve-less single flow exhaust pathway has been combined with a flow merging and spectacular looking X-pipe. This setup optimises gas flow and balances sound waves for a smoother, less flat exhaust note than the OE setup. The SuperSport setup features all the same benefits of the Sports version, but with less silencing for those who like to hear their car scream!

This System Features:

  • Lightweight Construction – significant weight savings over the bulky OEM exhaust.  Total weight of just 7kg offers significant weight savings over the OEM system.
  • Top Quality Materials – Aeronautical Grade T-309 Stainless throughout.
  • Sporting Sound – Flow merging rear box produces smooth sound at low RPM rising to a racing howl at higher RPM.
  • Improved Thermodynamics – Better heat dissipation to reduce underfloor temperatures and dispersion of exhaust gases.